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About Us


The Jewish Student Union of Central Florida strives to empower the future leaders of the Jewish people. The day-to-day of JSU, is steered by the teen leaders in each school. Whether you choose to start a JSU at your school, be on a JSU board, or get involved with our social impact, the focus is helping each student become the best version of themselves.

JSU runs more than 300 Jewish culture clubs on public high school campuses around the country. The clubs provide Jewish teens with programming that strengthens their Jewish identity and connection to Israel.


Since the first four clubs were founded in Los Angeles in 2002, JSU has grown quickly, serving more than 300 public and private school campuses across North America and reaching more than 15,000 teens annually. By creating a fun, social atmosphere through our Jewish advisors, JSU's reach extends to all types of Jewish teenagers.

JSU facilitates regular club meetings in public schools that meet during each school's designated club hours, providing food for the body and soul. Programs include speakers from a variety of Jewish organizations, discussions on timely topics, and interactive activities. Kosher pizza, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Starbucks,  Jewish holiday foods and other snacks are always served.


JSU also  sponsors activities outside of school including retreats, community service projects, Fellowship, Shabbat meals, and other exciting events.

JSU of Central Florida began in 2017 with the strong partnership and vision of JOIN Orlando, an organization unique in its ability to service the whole family. JSU allows the student to not only tap into the vast Jewish teen network in Central Florida, but also gives their entire family the option to get involved.

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