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What are JSU clubs?

JSU Clubs are a student initiated student led program during the club hour at your school. JSU strives to bring high quality Jewish education, and fun social events right to you in the comfort of your own school. JSU clubs allow students who are not yet engaged in the Jewish community, the opportunity to learn more about their heritage. Clubs also help foster relationships with non Jewish students, to create an atmosphere of awareness and acceptance.   

JSU LED Retreat

Every year our board members come together for a Leadership Exploration and Development Retreat. We focus on what it means to be the Jewish ambassadors at school and plan for the upcoming year. It is also an opportunity for board members to connect to each other and expand their Jewish network. 

If you are going to be on our upcoming board, please register by clicking the link below.

No events at the moment

JSU Clubs can be found at the following schools:

Interested in starting a club at your school?

Already have a club and want to be on board?

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