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JSU will come to your school to run a Jewish club that is open to ALL students. Clubs generally include a fun activity and a short lesson on a relevant Jewish idea. Each school has its own JSU board that runs the clubs.

Interested in starting a club or joining your school board?


This unique learning opportunity allows high school students to earn while they learn. This 8 week session allows students to study Jewish texts and apply them to modern times and discuss the Jewish perspective on ethical dilemmas. A $15 stipend is awarded to the students for each session attended.

Apply to be a part of the Fall Fellowship cogort.

Social Impact Initiative

For the first time, JSU is partnering with Social Impact Initiative to give high school students in the Central Florida region access to masterclasses specifically tailored for high schoolers. Participants will learn tools to necessary for any business and social entrepreneurship. 

Want to make the world (and yourself) better?

JSU Gives Back

JSU is committed to giving back to our communities. Our teens organize and participate in events that not only give them their required community service hours, but also teach them what it means to be a giver. We have partnered with Kinneret, Harbor House, and Resurf to give students unique and meaningful experiences.

Ready to volunteer in your community?

Shabbat and Holiday Experiences

JSU emphasizes learning about our Jewish identity. We encourage students to connect to their heritage by experiencing Shabbat and other Jewish holidays with us. Shabbat meals a re hosted regularly for students. The teens have loved it so much they have invited their family members to join as well!

Would you like to experience Shabbat with us?

Social Programming

Our social events unite teens from various backgrounds together with dynamic and engaging programming.  JSU fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is inclusive to all who join. Some of our past programs include weekly Froyo gatherings, inflatable Olympics, paint nights, and virtual reality gaming.

Ready for some fun? Check out our upcoming events!

The Jerusalem Journey

Experience the trip of a lifetime on The Jerusalem Journey (TJJ). TJJ is a 4 week trip that travels all over Israel. Each day is jam packed with activities including hiking, water sports, camel riding, repelling, and touring the holy sites. Students not only learn what it means to be Jewish, they feel it too.

To find out more information visit the TJJ page.

Holocaust Awareness

As the remaining holocaust survivors age, JSU realizes the importance of having their stories to told to as many people as possible. JSU will arrange to have a qualified speaker or survivor come speak to students and make sure that terrible part of history is never forgotten or repeated.

Contact us to start planning a Holocaust awareness event.
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